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   Types of Honey



Along with its natural ability to help allergies and sooth the throat, we recommend our raw honey for overall health and nutrition!  Honey is known as “liquid gold” and is legendary in its ability to kill viruses, fungi and bacteria!  






Wildflower Honeys

Based on where the hives are placed, the bees bring back wonderful flavors because of the flowers they pollinate!



*Honey is seasonal and we may be out of one honey while bringing in a new honey!





Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is one of our specialty honeys and native to Florida! 



*Honey is seasonal and we may be out of one honey while bringing in a new honey!





Wildflower Mix


*Wildflower Mix is ONLY available at Farmers Markets


The Mix is a blend  of everything from the hives from all year... so you have 60 to 80 flower pollens to give you a broader base for allergy protection -

Year Round, really, instead of simply seasonal !

Natural Flavors


Happy Bee Honey flavored Honeys are made from 100% raw honey.  We maintain the pure integrity of this natural wonder of the bees by infusing the raw honey with organic oils from Natures Flavors.  These organic oils have no synthetics  or "junk" in them!  The various flavors are wonderful for instant herbal teas, coffee and are really yummy on toast, pancakes, waffles, in oatmeal, yogurt etc! 




Blackberry, Lemon, Cinnmon, Strawberry, Spiced Apple, and Chocolate


 Infused with 100% Organic Natures Flavors- formualted exclusively for Happy Bee Honey.














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